Dual Universe Rolls Out Barter And Talent Systems With This Week’s Update

dual universe social suitsPre-alpha tests seem to be going well for Dual Universe because Novaquark just dropped a number of new features into the sandbox sci-fi MMORPG with update r0.15. The update went live earlier this week featuring graphical improvements, a revamped inventory, and the addition of the Barter and Talent systems.

With the new Barter system in place, players will now be able to directly trade items, money, and voxels with other players. The first version of the game’s Talent system is also up and running and ready to be put through its paces. The default unit for inventories and containers have also been changed from cubic meters (m3) to liters (L).

The update also brings with it new visual effects, clouds, quality of life improvements, balance tweaks, and fixes. You’ll find a detailed list of changes on the Novaquark official site. You can also check out the update trailer below for a rundown of the new features and changes.