Elteria Adventures Is Making The Switch To Play-To-Earn And NFTs

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Elteria Adventures, a voxel sandbox MMORPG from a team of highly-committed Ukrainian developers who continued to work on the game despite being holed up in bomb shelters, is making the switch to a play-to-earn model with NFTs, in partnership with blockchain company Catheon Gaming. In spite of this, the developers promise to keep the focus on gameplay rather than simply creating a glorified crypto-mining software.

“We noticed that most P2E games, while provide instruments to earn money, lack gameplay aspects. While in reality the gaming process turns out being a job rather than a game,” tweeted the devs. “Unlike them, Elteria aims to firstly provide a rich gameplay that is really fun even without P2E features! The Play & Earn features will be integrated into the gameplay to provide true synergetic experience and allow gamers to earn money while having great fun playing!”

NFTs will become available in the near future as purchasable islands that can be customized, furnishing items, and pets. Players will also be able to bring their own NFT-minted items like clothes and NPCs into the MMO. You can check out a preview of the upcoming NFT islands in the new gameplay video below.

Elteria Adventures - new NFTs