Empire Building Strategy Game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Launches

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has officially launched on Android and iOS yesterday and it's not a traditional Final Fantasy game. It's a mobile empire building strategy game that looks and plays almost exactly like Game of War and Mobile Strike except with a Final Fantasy XV skin. The similarity between it and Game of War / Mobile Strike is no coincidence though. All three games are developed by the same company, Machine Zone.

As with any other mobile or browser strategy game, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is heavily pay 2 win. Players who spend money can build troops faster and gather resources more quickly. The Final Fantasy XV theme should attract fans of the franchise to the game, but time will tell if they'll stick around or not.

As a long time fan of the Final Fantasy franchise this new pay 2 win low effort re-skin of Game of War makes me die a little on the inside. On the flip side though, I am a Square Enix shareholder and I'm happy to see the company profit from this. Machine Zone's flagship mobile strategy title Game of War made $600M in 2014. If Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire can even get half of that it would be a big win for Square Enix. To add some context to these numbers, Square Enix earned about $205M from Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and Dragon Quest X combined in 2016. Game of War alone earned 3x the revenue of every Square Enix MMO combined last year.

  • The only thing this says to me is that the entire Final Fantasy franchise took an integrity hit in the pursuit of money. Sadly, there is probably some overlap between people who are fans of games like these and Final Fantasy fans.

    • The only solution to assuage your woes is to invest in Square Enix. At least when they shill the franchise for money you can profit alongside them! But I agree with you its an integrity hit, but I can't blame them. Literally all their MMOs combined make 1/3 the revenue as ONE of these mobile games. At least if they make money off this they can reinvest some of it into more... uh. respectable titles.

  • darkfyra

    Final Fantasy is officially dead to me,atleast for modern FF of course

  • FFXV wasn't really all that it was hyped up to be, this mobile game is just a publicity stunt to generate more attention for it.

    • I think it's its own standalone thing. Square Enix wants to make moolah off this and I can't blame em