English Version of Hyper Universe Features Censorship (Boob Size Reduction)

Hyper Universe launched into early access in North America and Europe on August 23, 2017 and players who have played the Korean version of the game noticed some differences right away. It looks like Nexon censored the English release of the game with changes to breast sizes across various heroes. I'm personally against all forms of censorship, but especially so when it involves breast size reduction.

Take a look at the changes for yourself:

Other examples of censorship / changes made to the English version of the game can be seen here:

A Nexon community admin addressed community concerns about this in a forum thread:

“In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longest forum thread for alpha) about how the females are presented in the game, 5 forum pages later a few people agreed that a compromise between super busty/skimpy and covering up might be for the best. This is what we are attempting to do. We want to keep the appeal of the female characters (and males for that matter!) while not offending anyone. We want to keep the artist’s integrity in-check, but make the game inviting to not only play, but watch as well.” -RazielWarmonic (Nexon Admin)

Players can circumvent these changes thanks to a guide written by a fan of the game (King Arthur). Check out his guide on how to do it

  1. First up, go grab the uncensored image pack from Dropbox and the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor.
  2. Extract the Asset Extractor and go to the HyperUniverse_Data folder. Open up the resource.assets file, and then find the file you want to replace and click on “Edit”. Load in the image you want and press “OK”.
  3. Rinse and repeat those steps for each of the censored images you want to replace.

Additional coverage on the issue can be found here.

  • Blade and Soul did some censorship for the English release too. If they can handle busty characters in KR where the average breast size is much smaller, I think we can handle it here in the U.S!


  • Corpito

    guess im not playing it then
    any game that caters to crybabies and censorship and not the people actually playing it can fuck off

    • HNN

      I don't really care about the game but it's not like they took out any text or anything that meaningful. The great boobs are still there

  • Augosyx

    So weird that the West suffers censorship on games. I mean, this is the millenial times... no censorship is necessary. The game existed that way for a reason, unless it's pornographic then that's understandable.

    • Deus Solaris

      south korea is getting worse though, they have strong anti porn and lewdness laws (getting even stronger in the past few years) and feminism is on the rise, it's a cocktail that has the potential to destroy sexy games in s korea forever

  • Romeo

    Thank you so much Remo for putting this article out there, I was going to mention it on the other articles about the mandatory 2 hour AI matches, really appreciate you putting the word out there.

  • What they need to do, if they're going to do this, is having the option to enable the original art. What they're doing now is giving us an outdated version AND watering it down. And at what point does the censorship draw the line? First is cleavage and next is skirts into jeans. Maybe if people complain about the violence they will censor some of the skills.

    I posted this on the forums too but a mobile game from Korea called Destiny Child has an 18+ version with the original art and a censored Pegi 12 version. If a small mobile game company can cater to both sides, why can't a large gaming company like Nexon do it?

    If you don't mind me posting the feedback poll on the official forums: http://forums.hyperuniverse.nexon.net/discussion/3602/censorship-option-and-the-power-of-choice

  • Cerzel

    It's not just the artwork, they've also changed the models to reduce the size of the breasts in those and reduce the intensity of the jiggle physics.

  • ArcksSenpai

    this is why us never gonna get pso2 on us and eu

  • ArcksSenpai

    this is why i never gonna get pso2 and other games on us and eu

  • Also: Our version is already outdated and missing content from KR and on top of this they are censoring and watering down what we have. Not only are base characters censored, the purchasable skins are censored too. They willingly downgrade the quality of the skins they want to sell us.

  • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

    I know this mind be the unpopular opinion, but all I see is the character going from GIGANTIC BOOBS to a still large but more respectable size. But then again I think females in full armor look sexy where as Korean think a bikini without armor is the logical tank armor.

    For people who are pretending like /this/ is what makes them not play the game, you weren't interested in the game in the first place.

    • magicalfollower

      I don't think people would be complaining if they didn't care for the game in the first place.

      • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

        You're underestimating people on the internet.

        • magicalfollower

          And you certainly overestimate Nexon's decision making.

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            How am I overestimating anything Nexon's doing, I think they are a trashy developer over here in the west often mishandling games, they've been doing that for years.
            - But I think my opinion of Nexon has nothing to do with anything.

    • I have 47 hours clocked on steam for early access, played NA alpha and CBT and gave many feedback that were inplemented and have kept up with the game since KR alpha in 2015. I care about the game and this issue is enough to make me quit.

      Similarly Nintendo censored games like Fire Emblem and Tokyo Mirage. I've been with them since the gameboy but I can't support their stupid business decisions anymore like the Splatoon headset.

      • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

        Well I'm sorry but if a little less cleavage makes you quit then I don't know what to tell you. I'm not saying your feelings don't matter, but god damn play a game for the gameplay and not for the boobs will you.

        • Tell me you read the discussions that are going on. Because I'm not going to repeat what's been said over and over again on why this is a bad business decision for Nexon.

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            Yea, the slippery slope argument is silly because it's not about skirts and pretending like the west is afraid of showcasing violence to children is untrue.

            The skins are lower quality debate is just your opinion because you want to see more boob. Which I can assure you, you don't need to buy a skin for in a video game. - You vote with your wallet, don't like the skin? Don't buy it. Simple.

            I think it's less a case of censorship and more a case of localization. The general populace over in the west prefers their characters have some decency. They'd like to be able to play the game without it having to be over-sexualized for no reason.

            Once again if you feel like less clothing more boob is a deal breaker that's up to you, I still find it a silly thing. But that could just be because I play games for the gameplay and not because my character has 3cm less of their boob covered.

            I do agree that it would be nice to give people the option of using the original artwork, I'm all for consumer's choice and don't see any direct harm in that. Having said that though, from a large company perspective I do understand trying to stay away from releasing a "18+" version of their game that has an ad campaign aimed towards teens. That shit would bring some negative press, regardless of you and I knowing how it's laughable that it would even be called 18+.

          • magicalfollower

            "The general populace over in the west prefers their characters have some decency. "
            Hahaha, it's kinda funny that you assume that everyone in the west is some kinda of SJW/feminist when it's actually the total opposite. Those are just loud minority and consired ridiculous by most sane people.

            Stop taking scammers like Anita Sarkeesian seriously.

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            Sorry to break your bubble, but yea go up to parents and show them barely clothed Korean designs. Most of them would not be ok with this. Differently put, even though the younger generation doesn't care, the generation in power does care. Since they hold the power over how much your game can be promoted/published over in these territories it's important to cater to those people.

            I don't see what that specific feminazi has to do with anything, I think pretending anyone who doesn't agree with your SHOW MORE BOOB mindset is some SJW person is extremely dumb.

            Also as far as I know part of what SJWs fight for is not shaming females for showing of skin, so you should probably enjoy their company 😛

          • magicalfollower

            Going by that logic all games need censored to be E for Everyone then. If you believe the"THINK OF THE CHILDREN" mindset is so efficient and valid. And this game clearly wasn't made for children in mind. So you will gaining costumers with almost no financial value and losing the ones that actually had it in the first place. What a great trade, huh?

            And SJWs fight for not shaming females showing skin? That's a good joke, especially that's one of things they whine the most about videogames. Not mention real women that aren't landwhales.

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            God damn having a normal conversation with you is impossible is it? Can't you read that I don't agree with these things, but just point out to you how the world works.

            Go back to 4chan.

          • magicalfollower

            You pointing out how the world works? Then we clearly aren't living in the same world then.

            And i don't visit that hellhole called 4chan. But in the other hand, you are probably a frequent user of Tumblr

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            I mean you can lie to yourself and pretend the USK rating in Germany where Nexon Europe is situated isn't ran by the worst people imaginable, but you'd be lying to yourself. Since they operate from Germany for the game's publishing they have to abide by their advertising laws which are really strict for M rated games, they'd like to avoid not being able to advertise their game. It's ok if you don't accept that, you don't have to accept that.

            You really are convinced I'm some leftist SJW or something? God there is no saving this, snowflakes on the left snowflakes on the right... don't people like yourself get tired of yourselves? No I don't use the shit-stain known as Tumblr.

          • magicalfollower

            That's not the reason the game was censored though, read the article again. And there are far far more risque games that got into Germany before.

            And to be honest i'm not even right or left. Since those are much more similar than people realize. I think we can agree that far.

          • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

            I personally speculate it was, what they though was, a convenient cover for a change they were already intending regardless. They just thought that this would have less backlash, they were wrong. But yea I can speculate about that, fact being stuff got changed, people are unhappy. I don't fully understand people quitting the game over some boob coverage, but once again that's up to the individual player and is fine by me, as much as I think it's a silly thing to quit for, since I personally don't care eitherway really and play games exclusively for the gameplay.

            Also yea, I mean I personally like seeing stuff from the middle myself.

          • Here is the spicy tuna you ordered. But I replaced the spicy tuna with canned tuna because other people complained about it being too spicy and I decided that you can't handle spicy food. I already have your money so you will have to deal with it.

            You want to order tamago? We made the egg portion smaller than before but I assure you that you won't notice a difference but you pay the same price.

            Don't like the sushi we sell? Then don't come here. Oh wait... that might be bad business for us.

            The new customers that complained about our sushi aren't returning. And now we've lost the regulars we've had because we changed our sushi too much.

            I don't know if this analogy makes sense but I was bored enough to make it.

  • TianlanSha

    I'm not playing games influenced by totalitarianism and dictatorship.

    SJW feminists ruin everything, they managed to kill Star Wars and Mass Effect, ruined Baldur's Gate, now this... enough is enough.

  • HNN

    This is pretty nitpicky about this "censorship." The characters still look great and it's not even a reduction of much

  • Haruka

    They are deleting threads about censorship on their forum. Trying to make it disappear it seems.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    fuck you Nexon

  • Deus Solaris

    One less game to play, in this over-saturated market, dropping games that are censored and games that have a ton of micro-transactions without being f2p is the best thing I've done in my life, I'm saving so much money and only playing true gems that have love and work put into them, witcher 3, nier automata, etc

    Also I've seen women with chests as big as those irl, that "we are reducing boobs to be more human and less ridiculous" bullshit it's actually pretty discriminating, also I prefer small/medium breasts myself so I'm not biased, I think the vision of the original artist should be kept intact, I hate that videogames are not seen as art under the law and can be censored easily

  • Nikusuke Doguro

    If you want to add your own style to a game - add an ingame option for moralfags. You know, like how you can turn off blood in most FPS. I would not consider this as a censorship. But if you force your shallow morality on everyone without the ability to switch to original artwork - then this is pure censorship. And thus no money support from me, no matter how little or insignificant you think it was.