English Version of Hyper Universe Features Censorship (Boob Size Reduction)

Hyper Universe launched into early access in North America and Europe on August 23, 2017 and players who have played the Korean version of the game noticed some differences right away. It looks like Nexon censored the English release of the game with changes to breast sizes across various heroes. I'm personally against all forms of censorship, but especially so when it involves breast size reduction.

Take a look at the changes for yourself:

Other examples of censorship / changes made to the English version of the game can be seen here:

A Nexon community admin addressed community concerns about this in a forum thread:

“In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longest forum thread for alpha) about how the females are presented in the game, 5 forum pages later a few people agreed that a compromise between super busty/skimpy and covering up might be for the best. This is what we are attempting to do. We want to keep the appeal of the female characters (and males for that matter!) while not offending anyone. We want to keep the artist’s integrity in-check, but make the game inviting to not only play, but watch as well.” -RazielWarmonic (Nexon Admin)

Players can circumvent these changes thanks to a guide written by a fan of the game (King Arthur). Check out his guide on how to do it

  1. First up, go grab the uncensored image pack from Dropbox and the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor.
  2. Extract the Asset Extractor and go to the HyperUniverse_Data folder. Open up the resource.assets file, and then find the file you want to replace and click on “Edit”. Load in the image you want and press “OK”.
  3. Rinse and repeat those steps for each of the censored images you want to replace.

Additional coverage on the issue can be found here.