EVE Online Rolls Out First Phase Of Quantum Cores Update

eve online quantum cores update bannerQuantum Cores have just been in EVE Online as part of the first phase of the Quantum Cores update. These new items will be necessary when deploying and placing structures all across New Eden. They are installed in the centermost and most heavily protected locations within a structure and will drop 100% of the time when the structure is destroyed.

The addition of Quantum Cores should help stop players from placing structures as bait or as a defensive wall to protect them against enemy attacks. “By focusing on the consequences of player actions and increasing the significance of placing or destroying structures, structure spam will be reduced and the incentive for attacking them will also be increased, as will the likelihood of both sides turning up for a fight!”

As of today, players can now start purchasing and stocking up on Quantum Cores. They won’t be required when deploying new structures just yet but it’s always good to be prepared for when the day they’re needed. CCP Games promises to release more information as we move closer to each phases’ release.

More information can be found on the EVE Online official site.