EVE Online Will Get A New Instanced PvP Arena And Rotating PvP Events In Next Month’s Update

eve online proving filaments bannerPvP skirmishes in EVE Online is a very one-sided affair with victory almost always going to the side with the most ships and firepower. While this might be a fairly-accurate representation of what a real space battle will feel like, the system might be off-putting for some players, especially ones who’ve been ambushed and bullied by a larger fleet.

CCP Games is looking to shake up the status quo with the introduction of a new instanced PvP arena in July’s third quadrant. The arena will give PvP enthusiasts a chance to prove and hone their space combat skills in a controlled and fair environment.

“Alongside their ongoing invasion of empire space, the Triglavian Collective is also inviting capsuleers to prove themselves in all-new Proving Grounds within the depths of Abyssal Deadspace. Unlike the old Abyssal Proving Grounds, which were accessible through a Triglavian gate at the end of some standard Abyssal PVE runs, these new Proving Grounds will become directly accessible via a new set of dedicated Proving Filaments that will be active during a series of limited time events. For the first time ever, the new Abyssal Proving Grounds will be accessible to small groups of Capsuleers, fighting against each other in a variety of ship types.”

The new instance will work just like your typical lobby-based PvP game. Players will need to queue up for matches and will only be teleported to the battlefield once an opposing team has been found. The current Abyssal Proving Grounds will also be retired in favor of scheduled Proving Grounds PvP events. Only one event will be live at a given time which will typically last anywhere from a weekend, three days, ten days, or two weeks.

The above changes are scheduled to roll out on July 16th. More information can be found on the EVE Online official site. CCP Games also released a new trailer for the space survival MMO. You'll find it right down below.