Fallout 76 Free Trial Week Continues, Double XP Event Scheduled For Next Week

fallout 76 silhouette trioJust in case you didn’t know, Fallout 76 is currently running a Free Trial Week. If you want to check out the Bethesda Game Studios’ controversial online MMO for free, you can still do so until June 17th. The free trial is a good time to try out the recently released Battle Royale mode – Nuclear Winter. BethSoft will be following up the Free Trial Week with a Double XP Event that kicks off on Thursday, June 20th at 9am PDT and will run until Monday, June 24th at 9am PDT.

Also, should you decide that you want to continue your adventures in the post-nuclear wasteland after the free trial, you’ll be happy to know that you can grab a copy of the game at 50% off for a limited time on the Bethesda official site or through participating retailers.

Meanwhile, Bethesda made a number of huge announcements at E3 a few days ago including the release of the Wastelanders update. “This Fall, we’re kicking off Fallout 76’s second year with Wastelanders, which will be our biggest update for the game so far,” says Bethesda. “Wastelanders will completely change the way you play Fallout 76 by introducing an all-new main quest, two human NPC factions who you can align with as they seek to make their mark on Appalachia, and plenty of new gear for you to discover.”

We’ve chucked in both the Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders trailers after the jump. You can also head over to the Fallout 76 official site for more info.