Fallout 76 Gets New Survival Mode Next Week

fallout 76 adventure survival menuFallout 76 will be getting a new game mode says Bethesda Softworks in their latest dev blog. The new PvP-focused Survival Mode will roll out on March 26th and will be separate from the main game which will now be called Adventure Mode.

“Survival is our new, more competitive game mode featuring rule changes surrounding PVP combat, death and respawn mechanics, and even a 20% bonus to the XP you’ll earn while playing. [. . .] everything you can currently do in Adventure —quests, events, and exploration— will still be available to you in Survival. Your current progress with any existing characters will transfer between Survival and Adventure as often as you like, and anything that affects them in one mode will also be reflected in the other.”

Survival Mode will also feature a leaderboard so players can keep an eye on how you and the rest of Appalachia's population are doing. Your stats will reset upon death or every week, whichever comes first.

fallout 76 wild survival

With the launch of Survival Mode, the main game, a.k.a. Adventure Mode, will also see significant changes to PvP, specifically to the damage dealt by non-hostile players. “This adjustment effectively eliminates ‘slap damage’ and should greatly reduce the likelihood that you’ll fall victim to any unwanted PVP,” says BethSoft. Keep in mind though that you’ll still receive full damage against hostile players, when claiming another player’s Workshop, or when you’re hit by explosions or other hazards caused by another player.

The devs are also working on extending the PvP protection to C.A.M.P. to prevent non-hostile players from damaging your home base. Check out the Fallout 76 official site for more details.