Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Battle Royale Mode Now In Beta, Balance and Design Changes Introduced

fallout 76 nuclear winter mushroom cloudWhen Bethesda Games rolled out the new battle royale Nuclear Winter game mode a few weeks ago, they initially intended it as a limited-time pre-beta teaser during the Fallout 76 Free Trial Week. The game mode, however, proved to be so successful that Bethesda decided to keep it in the game indefinitely. Well, Nuclear Winter has officially transitioned from an extended pre-beta teaser to actual beta testing with the release of Patch 10.5.

The update also introduces a number of design changes to the battle royale mode. Players can now customize their appearance in Nuclear Winter by favoriting one Headwear item, one Underarmor, and one Outfit from the Atomic Shop. Automatic Combat Rifles can now be looted from Small Supply Crates and Submachine Guns from both Medium and Small Supply Crates. The Supply Crate density has also been lowered in areas where more crates were spawning compared to others.

In addition, the Dead Man Sprinting Perk has been reworked and should now be functioning as intended. Action Points now drain 25% slower when you’re below 30% HP. A “More Info” button to reopen the Perk Card Tutorial has also been added to the Perk Card menu and new entries added to ZAX Terminals for players with Overseer Rank 100.

Patch 10.5 also brings with it quality of life improvements and bug fixes for Adventure and Survival Mode. Check out the full patch notes on the Fallout 76 official site.