Fans Highlight Blade & Soul Localization and Censorship Changes


Nearly five years since its original release, the North American version of Blade & Soul is finally playable. While slight changes between regional versions of a MMORPG are common, many users have noticed a few controversial changes and cases of downright censorship in the current Closed Beta version of the NA servers.

Reddit user SafeguardKilly has compiled a list of changes and censored content. Many of these changes are minor but some severely alter the story line and visual ascetics of the game. Highlights include:

Censorship Related

  • The localization team is deleting posts on the forums which criticize their decisions instead of forwarding the posts to CM's/Moderators.
  • Quests are being altered to remove content they find personally offensive or not "welcoming" enough.
  • Story/NPC dialogue being altered to turn the player into a strict hero archetype with no moral failings or ambiguity. Villains are now stereotypical cartoon-tier evil.
  • Lingerie removed and turned into cash shop item. Replaced with regular bra and panties, default poses also changed.
  • Surnames are being erased by mashing them together with given names (example: Bruce Wayne becomes Brucewayne, Do Chun becomes Dochun)

Localization Related

  • Memes have been added and in many cases it turns a situation meant to be taken seriously into a comical one.
  • Story being dumbed down. Removal of foreshadowing is resulting in a confusing/inferior experience.
    Game lore is being altered or changed outright because they feel it doesn't make sense.
  • NPC personalities changed or randomly swapped around with other NPC's for no discernible reason.
  • Titles are replacing names entirely in some cases.


Some of these changes sound like bugs, others like the lingerie change are no big deal, but as someone who actually enjoys reading the lore and storylines in MMORPGs its a shame that NCsoft has chosen to 'dumb down' the story experience.

For a more complete list of changes and ongoing debate on these issues, check out the original reddit thread and the official Blade & Souls forums. It should be noted that Blade & Soul is still in Closed Beta and many of these issues may yet be resolved.

  • Ash

    Funny how America which always brands itself as the "leader of the free world" can't accept freedom of expression in a video game and has to constantly censor games with supposedly-controversial content, especially regarding objectionable moral choices, child-like characters and playful sexuality which is not a problem in East Asia. You might say it is due to cultural differences, but if America is truly as "free" as it claims to be, then it should embrace every and all forms of cultural expression.

    • LAMBDA471
    • Brandon Shorter

      The USA goverment is engaged in 232 wars since inception ... LoL.. we are the only power that has military bases in ever country on the planet . We have never been leader of Freedom and speech LOL. Will free you if you have Oil yeah sure lol.

  • This is a problem. I have to pay to get Lingerie but everyone else gets it for free? But in all seriousness, the Quest censorship stuff is ridiculous. I can't believe the PC (political correctness) police are having their way with this game. It's a game. Leave it as is.