Snail Games Launches New Zombie Survival MMO ‘Fear The Night’ On Steam Early Access

fear the night red eyes barricadeWhile we’re all busy preparing for the holidays and maybe even celebrating the season in our chosen games, Snail Games has snuck a game right under our noses. The Chinese gaming giant has just released a new zombie survival game called Fear the Night on Steam Early Access.

“In Fear the Night, you are a lone survivor in a world plagued with zombies. The remnants of humanity must fight to survive the zombie onslaught in this sandbox survival horror. Team up with other survivors and work together to rebuild society from its ashes or choose to trust no one and go your own way in a lawless world.”

Fear the Night follows the same mechanics as your run-of-the-mill post-apocalyptic zombie sandbox survival game. As you’d probably would’ve guessed by the title, the game features a day and night cycle. Scavenge for supplies in the relative safety of day time then huddle up in your shelter during the night when the walking dead become more perceptive and aggressive. Your characters also remain in the game even if you’re offline so make sure they’re safe and well-hidden.

And if zombies aren’t enough, players will also have rogue robots to deal with. “In addition to battling zombie hordes, players will also face autonomous robots that were meant to protect humanity by the United Army, but have since failed and gone rogue,” says the devs. “If players are able to hack the robots and access their activation codes, the once dangerous robots will make valuable allies.”

The game is currently available on Steam at 25% off, bringin the price tag down to $11.24 from $14.99. Check out the Fear the Night official trailer below.