Final Fantasy XIV Further Explains Patch 6.1’s New Housing Lottery System

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The Final Fantasy XIV dev team offers up more information about Patch 6.1’s new Housing Lottery system following its initial reveal earlier this week.

As the developers previously noted, starting with the release of Patch 6.1 purchasing residential lots will no longer be on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, real estate moguls (i.e. individual players and free companies) will need to show their interest by putting down a deposit for the full value of the plot. They’ll then be entered into a raffle and will be notified if they won the lottery a few days later.

Lottery winners will then have a few days to decide on whether they want to actually purchase the plot of land or pass on it with a 50% cancellation fee. Players who aren’t chosen during the lottery, on the other hand, will be refunded the full deposit amount before the next lottery cycle starts again. Both winners and losers will be able to join the next lottery cycle as long as they have enough gil to make a deposit.

The new lottery system will be used for all land purchases once Patch 6.1 comes out, including those in the new Empyreum residential area in Ishgard.

Square Enix notes that players and free companies will only be limited to one entry per lottery period. Members of a free company will be able to submit entries for different plots but the company will only be able to choose one if two or more plots are won. This means that whoever placed a deposit for the unchosen plot will lose 50% of his deposit in addition to other fees.

Multiple members submitting an entry for the same plot won’t have the same problem as only one of them will win and the others will get their full deposits back.

You can find out more about the new Housing Lottery system in the new FAQ on the Final Fantasy XIV official site.