Fortnite Battle Royale Accrues 10 Million Players In Two Weeks

fortnite battle royaleThe game that Epic Games promised would be rooted in PvE is turning out to be a PvP phenomenon. Fortnite Battle Royale peaked at over half a million concurrent players over the weekend, around the same time that Battle Royale frontrunner PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds peaked at nearly 2M concurrent players. Epic Games published an infographic on Twitter today showing off just how good the game is doing.

According to the infographic, 10 million players have logged in to Battle Royale since the game mode was launched two weeks ago, racking up nearly 45 million hours of playtime. Check out the rest of the numbers below.

fortnite two week infographic

  • namco

    Not surprised. Cheating is an epidemic in most online FPS games on PC. Its so easy to give up being a good player and cheat. When you look at counter strike global offensive, where hacks run rapid because valve doesn't give two shits, they are starting to bleed into other games. Counter strike is losing its luster. Legit players no longer play, like myself, and since cheaters get pitted against other cheaters, they end up equal, or in a sense, who has the better cheats or who is better at using them. So now cheaters are bored, they can't fuck with legit players, which is the only reason to do so. Its not about being the best, its about being a troll. "haha you got beat you suck" insert expletives and child like bantering. So, as the user base from cs:go moves on to games like pub-g and now fortnite, the cheaters follow. The new game to cheat in. And thus, cheaters run amok.

    What we need are hardware bans. But the problem with that is after a hardware ban, they could sell their pc to someone and now they are banned and they didn't even cheat.... we need a hard solution to cheaters, because I am fucking tired of cheaters.

    Before someone goes "you're just bad at cs:go" when the game first came out and there were no cheaters or at least very very few, I was global elite. Now some would say "well that was early, as it got more popular better players started playing and you just suck" however, after every ban wave of a few 1000 player or so, all of a sudden my rank would shoot back up towards global. why after few get banned I end up going back towards where I belong? The whole "damn you got wall-banged" and talking trash is a cheater mantra. A normal player isn't going to try to shoot a blind wall, first off its a waste of ammo, secondly, you have no idea if someone is there or not. So when you do an overwatch anti-cheat video, and you see someone walk up to a wall, aim, and fire, they are cheating. Period. And the funny thing is, when wall bangs happen, its always a one time thing. I could imagine shooting the same spot every round hoping to get a kill, but common sense says if you do it once in a while when there is only someone there, you're cheating.

    I remember the old days of online gaming when people had pride and shunned cheaters, and they barely ever showed up. Playing games like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory or online games before it. Quake 3 Arena, and older still. Back when people had pride over being good. Now it seems people just cheat. Hell "pro's" lock onto players through walls but everyone thinks its normal... how the fuck is that normal? Never once have I ever looked at a wall. "oh but they are just listening to see where the enemy is" bullshit. I was global elite before all the cheaters and I NEVER locked onto someones head through a wall to "hear" where they are. And they glitch out into the wall so often they are clearly clicking a hot key. That way they aren't using obvious see through walls and the lock on looks like they glitched out or flicked their wrist wrong. But they are "pro" right? so shouldn't all their move movements have "meaning"???? Today's gamers are just shitters plain and simple. They don't want to learn a game, so they cheat. Look at cuphead. People bitching about how hard it is. It isn't hard at all. The game is classic, it requires SKILL, much like how online play does. So how can a game that requires skill prove how bad they are at gaming, but they are max rank at an fps shooter.... once again common sense says something is wrong. Its funny when I go to local lans where the computers are not hooked to the internet, only an internal hub, and i destroy people (no personal pc's allowed). all computers running the same hardware so you can't complain its unfair. And I destroy kids.

    Also, I'm not a young buck. Been gaming 23 years, so I know where my skill comes from, experience.