Fortnite Cheaters Wriggle Their Way Back Into The $30M World Cup Finals After Being Banned

fortnite fly explosives ltmSo you get banned for cheating in one of the biggest Fortnite esports tournament. Big deal. Just re-enter the said tournament and work your way back up to the finals. Sounds ridiculous? Well, that’s exactly what happened when Fortnite players XXiF and Ronaldo were banned from the $30 Million Fortnite World Cup five weeks ago for allegedly conspiring with other players to throw matches to get them through the qualifying rounds.

Unfortunately, both players were banned by Epic Games for a far shorter period than the tournament itself. Which means that all they had to was wait for the ban to be lifted before working their way up in both the solo and duo qualifying rounds again. They even went on to win the top spot in Week 8 of the duo qualifiers securing them a spot in the World Cup Finals in New York for a chance at taking home a minimum of $50,000 in prize money.

Understandably, this didn’t sit well with professional Fortnite players and personalities including streamer and World Cup commentator DrLupo who openly voiced his disappointment on his live streams and on Twitter.

Both players, however, seem to be unfazed by all the negative criticisms. “Yall are reaching. See ya in NYC,” tweeted XXiF. In a Twitter DM to Polygon, Ronaldo said that, “Xxif and I felt it was unfair the first time we were banned. We served the sentence and came back to qualify. Everyone still wants to see us fall which is fine because in NYC we’re going to win the final event. Haters gonna hate.”

Epic Games has yet to issue a statement apart from the congratulatory message to all the World Cup qualifiers. We all can’t wait to see how this drama ends. The Fortnite World Cup kicks off next month on July 26th.