Latest Fortnite Patch Finally Introduces A Player Reporting System

fortnite hero lineup“Naughty” players beware! Epic Games has finally added a player reporting system to Fortnite with Patch 4.4. The first version of the system will allow players to report players for being AFK, ignoring objectives, communication abuse, offensive names, and harassment. Reports will be reviewed manually for now but devs hope to automate the process in the near future.

“We are being cautious with regards to false positives and abuse of the system. Punishments, like potential bans, will go out in the next week or so as we review the reports coming in. We’ve chosen to do this manually at first to get a more holistic understanding of what’s going on so we can feel confident when we do automate this process. We appreciate your patience as we iron out all the various issues we all discover.”

Patch 4.4 also introduces the promised ability to place a number of floor traps on slanted building pieces like ramps. Melee weapons will also be getting a damage boost to make them more viable. The Thermal Scope Rifle is also making its debut in Battle Royale Mode while Save The World players can look forward to help from a mysterious new hero in the Blockbuster questline.

You’ll find the full patch notes on the Fortnite official site, or, if you want to skip all the reading, you can watch an overview of Update 4.4 in the video below.