Fortnite Tweet Hints At Avengers: Endgame Crossover Event Coming On April 25th

fortnite brite bomber avengersThe highly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame movie debuts in cinemas later this week bringing Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity War Saga to a close. Last year, Fortnite players were treated to an Infinity War crossover event that let them play as the Mad Titan Thanos himself. What does Epic Games have in store this time around? Well, their recent Twitter post reveals what looks to be another Avengers crossover event.

Epic has yet to reveal the details of the event which presumably goes live on April 25th. But, if last year’s Infinity War crossover event is any indication, then we can probably expect something just as awesome. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can check out the highlights of the Avengers: Endgame red carpet premiere in the video below.