Fractured Virtual Store Is Now Open For Business

fractured humans newsIndie developer Dynamight Studios has just announced that the virtual store for their crowdfunded sandbox MMO Fractured is now up and running. According to a recent press release, the Fractured Store “marks the reboot of crowdfunding for [the] upcoming sandbox MMORPG Fractured.”

The virtual store features the same pledge packages found in the Kickstarter campaign which ended in July with over $120,00 in funding. This includes the Early Bird packs and other exclusive packages previously available during the Kickstarter campaign.

Pledge Packages start at $23 all the way up to $345. High-value packs will be available until the start of Alpha testing in December which all high-tier backers will immediately have access to. Backers who donated during the Kickstarter campaign will also be able to upgrade their pledges until December. All pledges made through the virtual store will also count towards unlocking the stretch goals.

Dynamight aims to double their funding for the game by start of the first Alpha Testing. Currently, the studio has raised $130,000 in crowdfunding and $100,000 from private investors. You can track the game’s total funding on the Fractured official site.