Graphically Impressive Mobile MMO Demon Seals To Launch On January 6th


NetEase has had quite the lineup of visually stunning titles in recent times. The Chinese developer announced at the end of last year that it has a new mobile MMORPG that will be launching in China on January 6th: Demon Seals. The game features six classes, each of which has three different styles of combat. Dungeons are said to feature not only combat, but challenging puzzles, as well. What's more, there will be 30 PvP battlefields in which you can fight other players in real-time and a system of "free trade" between players.

Demon Seals runs on NetEase's NeoX 2.0 engine. As you can see in the trailer, the graphics are quite impressive, perhaps even on par with Lineage 2: Revolution.

Demon Seals will go live on the Chinese App Store and the official website on January 6th. A Western release has yet to be announced. That being said, the Android version of NetEase's wildly popular mobile RPG Onmyoji is easy to download in the West, so I imagine that avenues for obtaining at least the Android version of Demon Seals will be made available fairly quickly.