ArenaNet Asks Players To Pick A Name For The New Guild Wars 2 Competitive Weapon Set

guild wars 2 new competitive weapon setWarriors and heroes out of legends have been naming their weapons since time immemorial. Notable ones include Thor’s Mjolnir, King Arthur’s Excalibur, and Braveheart’s Wallace Sword. It’s also a trend faithfully followed by the gaming community especially MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2.

Of course, asking an entire community of gamers to come up with their own weapon names for the new competitive weapon set in GW2 is bound to turn up “interesting” name suggestions which is why ArenaNet is making the community choose instead.

Players can choose between the Elegant Set, the Gilded Set, the Mist Lord’s Set, and the Mist Champion’s Set. Personally, I’d rather take out my enemies with Marc’s Shadowy Weapons of Doom but that’s just me. Do note that the choices only apply to the name of the weapon and not the design. Cast your votes now on the Guild Wars 2 official site.