Hellion Set To Launch On Steam Early Access February 24th


Remember how Zero Gravity announced on Monday that Hellion's Steam Early Access release would be delayed to February and that the official release date would be announced today? As planned, the official release date was announced today. The game will go live on Steam Early Access on February 24th.

Zero Gravity Creative Director Marko Smiljanic had the following to say about the announcement.

We are happy to announce that Hellion will be coming to Steam Early Access this February. This first phase of development allows us to gather feedback from our players so that we can implement the most desired features in the final release and turn Hellion into the ultimate first-person open world experience with realistic player communication, full Newtonian physics and immersive storyline.

Hellion will be launching on Steam Early Access with "hand-crafted content with procedurally generated elements that will create a meaningful narrative as well as make the gameplay varied and replayable beyond player interaction." Players will be required to work with others if they have any hope of operating "bigger ships," but they will have to share resources like food and oxygen, so, as the press release puts it, "betrayal sometimes is the best strategy in surviving the adversities of space and conquering the galaxy."

While Hellion's release date has been announced, Zero Gravity has yet to divulge how much the game will cost.