Indie Sandbox Survival Game XERA: Survival Heads Into Early Access On May 24th

xera survival drone carsSandbox survival game XERA: Survival by indie-developer Spotted Kiwi Interactive will be making its way to Steam Early Access on May 24th. The developers have decided to make the leap following the success of their five-month Open Alpha where over 10,000 players helped test out the game.

“It’s 2022. The world is in chaos after a prototype combat robot – banned by law and awaiting secure destruction by XERA Corporation – became self-aware, escaped and replicated on an industrial scale. Nation turned on nation in a fight for control over resources. With the attention of the world’s military on self-defence, mercenaries and disillusioned combatants have descended on a remote forest region to ransack the remains of XERA’s facilities, setting up two forward operating bases on each side of the forest. Between these bases there are no rules of engagement, as for some, nothing less than the future of the human race is at stake; for others, there is a potentially boundless paycheck. For all, the only imperative is survival.”

The upcoming game promises an open-world PvPvE experience where players journey out into a hostile world in search of supplies, weapons, and gear that they’ll need to survive along with materials needed to craft necessary tools. Players can also make use of drones to scout, transport items, or even take out enemies.

Check out the Early Access teaser below. You can also head over to the XERA: Survival Steam Page for more info.