NCSoft's Q1 2017 Results Show A Shocking 74% Drop In Net Income

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NCSoft's Q1 2017 financial results are in and they show a shocking 74% drop in net income—both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. The company's sales only dropped 16% quarter-over-quarter and 1% year-over-year, but other factors, including a decrease in online game sales and an increased number of employees, have lead to the dramatic decrease in profit. To illustrate just how low NCSoft's [...]

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Overwatch China Releases Lootbox Probabilities

In compliance with China's newly implemented law, where companies are now legally required to publish lootbox probabilities and drop rates, Overwatch China has released the probability parameters for their lootboxes on their website. The probabilities listed are as follows... Lootbox contents: Each lootbox contains 4 items. The items that you can obtain include cosmetics, in-game currency, or in-game currency for [...]

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Steam Makes Changes To Its Gifting System

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In a bid to combat reselling on "gray market" services like G2A, Steam announced major changes to their gifting system today. Going forward, players will only be able to make a gift purchase directly on the check-out page. The Gift to E-mail and Gift to Inventory options will be removed. Existing gift copies sitting in Steam inventories are unaffected and [...]

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ZeniMax Forces Indie Studio To Change Game Name

ZeniMax Media, who you may know for The Elder Scrolls Online, recently threatened legal action against an indie developer for Kickstarted survival game Prey for the Gods. Why? Because the game name "Prey for the Gods" is too similar to "Prey:" the upcoming FPS by Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of ZeniMax. Oh boy. ZeniMax's legal team must be bored. In [...]

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G2A Adamantly Claims They Are "Not A Grey Marketplace"

At a recent industry conference, G2A's Senior Account Manager Mario Mirek sat down for an open Q&A session with developers. While the panel was hosted as an effort to introduce G2A's upcoming Direct service - an "open door" communication initiative between developers and G2A's retail platform; the session did not bode well for G2A as Mirek struggled to fend off [...]

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Creator Of DDoS Program, Used Against RuneScape, Minecraft And Others, Sentenced

When Adam Mudd was a teenager he created and sold the Titanium Stresser program, which has been used to launch DDoS attacks against Minecraft, Runescape, Teamspeak, Microsoft, and others. A judge sentenced the 20 year old to a young offender institution for two years, as reported by The Guardian. Among the targets was the fantasy game RuneScape, which had 25,000 [...]

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