KurtzPel Gets A Major PvE Revamp, Adds Dungeons, Character Progression, And A Story System

kurtzpel purple lightningKurtzPel, KOG’s anime-style third-person action MMO, has just gotten a major PvE revamp that replaces the game’s original mission-based battles with explorable dungeons complete with mobs and bosses. The new dungeon system will also tie-in with the new Story and Quest systems which work together to reveal information and lore about the Chase organization and the world of Eltheca.

The update also introduces new progression systems, namely: Character Leveling, Equipment, and Equipment Enhancement. Prior to the update, the game was primarily skill-based with no character levels and equipment that were mostly cosmetic since you could easily get a different one with the same stats. With the recent update, characters now gain EXP by completing quests and dungeons and will have access to a variety of equipment with different item grades and stats. Equipment can also now be upgraded using Enhancement Stones that can be acquired from quests, dungeons, and the in-game cash shop.

PvE combat mechanics have also been reworked which include the removal of Stamina costs when dashing and evading, the removal of the Karma Switching attack cooldown, cooldown reduction for all skills, and several stat balance changes. These changes are only for PvE and will not affect PvP matches.

You can browse through the full patch notes on the KurtzPel Steam Community page.