Lineage 2 Essence Gets A New Class, PvP Mode, Castle, And Hunting Grounds In The Latest Update

lineage 2 essence death knight keyart banner

Today’s Lineage 2 Death Knight Update features the newest class to be added in the game in years – the Death Knight. The new class is available exclusively on the PvP-focused Essence server that came out earlier this year. The Death Knight is also currently limited to male characters but that’s likely to change in the future.

“The brutal Death Knight is literally born for battles with other players. He is able to turn into a flaming skeleton and is accessible for three races: Humans, Light Elves and Dark ones. Each race has its own element with a number of unique abilities useful in PvP.”

The update also introduces 3v3 team matches. In this new mode, team members are randomly selected and players are given just a few minutes to get buffs and decide on their tactics. Rewards will be given to all participating players at the end of the match. New high-level hunting grounds have also been added along with the new Goddard castle for sieges.

The Death Knight update also marks the start of the “Battle for the Orc Fortress” event. Participating players will be tasked with recovering the Fortress Standard from monsters and other players. They can either work alone or team up with their clanmates to accomplish their mission.

You’ll find the full patch notes on the Lineage 2 Essence official site.