Lingshan Romance Is A Beautiful Turn-Based MMORPG From Tencent


It's rare that I'm so immediately impressed by MMORPGs' overall aesthetics these days as I was with Tencent's upcoming 2.5D turn-based MMORPG Lingshan Romance—the name is Google Translated and may be terribly mistranslated. I came across the game the other day and was immediately stunned by the detail and fluidity on display in the combat animations seen below. I've seen many MMORPGs like Lingshan Romance in the past, but none boast the incredible aesthetic that it does; most opt for the light-hearted, cartoony style that Fantasy Westward Journey is known for.


From what I've read in reviews of the two tests that Tencent has conducted thus far on Chinese media site 17173, those that are familiar with the aforementioned Fantasy Westward Journey or games like it will have a fairly good idea of what they're getting into. You will be questing around a map, taking part in turn-based combat, leveling up, training pets, fusing pets, and more. It is said that the content is fairly "simplistic" at present, but perhaps that will change over time.

The game is said to have unique systems of advancement that allow them to alter the way characters are played. Supposedly, depending on the way you build your character, the same character could, for example, take on either a DPS or tank role and, moreover, either role would be viable.

As mentioned above, two tests have been run in China, the most recent of which ended on December 31st. Neither further plans for testing nor a release date have been announced as of yet. Unfortunately, a Western release has yet to be confirmed either.

You can find more information about Lingshan Romance on the official website.