Lothgar Online Is A New, Old-School, PvP-Focused MMORPG From The Creators Of Elderlands

There are probably very few of you that remember Elderlands or its developer Asylumsoft. In recent times, the game's servers have regularly been offline, which hasn't helped it escape obscurity. However, it seems that Asylumsoft has turned its focus to a new project called "Lothgar Online," which was released earlier today.

Lothgar Online is a new, PvP-focused MMORPG that utilizes a graphics style inspired by games like the original Ultima RPGs. It features a "large dynamic world," "brutal player-vs-player," an "in-depth crafting system," a classless, skill-based system of progression, "epic quests," a "multi-tiered guild system," and "guild-vs-guild battle areas."

Lothgar Online is free-to-play and you can download it now via the official website.