Magic: Legends Previews ‘Sanctifier’ Support Class

magic legends sanctifier class bannerPerfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios gives Magic: Legends fans a preview of one of the starting classes in the upcoming MMOARPG – the Sanctifier. According to the devs, the Sanctifier is a “refreshing take” on the classic, dedicated support class.

The Sanctifier is a long-range support class that can deal damage with his Divine Bolt and heal allies with the Wave of Radiance ability which can also be used to summon creatures at higher levels. He can also use the Salvation skill to stack Devotion which will let him summon an angel to heal allies while they do damage using Lifelink. He is an invaluable ally during multiplayer runs but can also go solo with the help of his summons.

You can find out more about the Sanctifier on the Magic: Legends official site.