Mavericks Dev Blog Talks About Plans For The First Months Of 2019

mavericks house sceneAfter a quiet holiday break, Automaton Games is back with the latest development news on their upcoming battle-royale game Mavericks. A recently published dev blog outlines the studios plans for the game in the first two months of 2019. The first of which is an update schedule change from Thursdays to Tuesdays with the first one happening on January 8th. January also marks the final month of the games technical test.

“Our first Core Update [will offer] players a real taste of the Mavericks experience, showcasing why the game is so different in contrast to other conventional Battle Royales. We'll be revealing and introducing the essentials of the Mavericks social space, linking our open world and battle royale gameplay. We know the game hasn't so far offered much of the fun gameplay we're all waiting for and the feedback from the community has been immensely helpful in getting the nuts and bolts of Mavericks ready. Building the game in this new method has been challenging and difficult, but will enable huge opportunities that previously have not been achieved by other studios.”

The Hunted & Hunter Core update will roll out in February and will introduce new features into the game. These include tracking, gunplay, items, and more. The devs promise to go into further detail in the next few weeks starting with next week’s dev blog.

The devs are also looking to add more players into the game sometime in the near future. “We will also be inviting those players that signed up during our E3 announcement,” says Automaton. “Adding a potential 100,000 new players to The Forge is sure to further intensify gameplay and add further challenges to players.” The first Founder’s cosmetic item is also slated for release, the details and images of which will also be doled out in the coming weeks.

Check out the Mavericks official site to learn more.