MetaWorld Is A SpatialOS-Powered "Massive, Physics-Based Virtual Social Space"


HelloVR announced today that it has partnered with Improbable to use SpatialOS to create a 10,000 square mile persistent world "physics-based virtual social space." While the exact details of this virtual world have yet to be unveiled, early screenshots—embedded below—show off players fishing and playing chess, among other activities. According to the press release, "the realistic physics enables a wide range of physical activities and games that can be played with others or enjoyed alone."

Players will also be able to create structures using "MetaBlox" or "a simple but powerful toolkit." They will be able to work alone or collaborate with friends in an environment with "no 'world wipes' to free up server space." Personal spaces called "volumes" will be made available for players that want to have more control over their creations.

HelloVR CEO Deidric Reid had the following to say about the announcement.

We are creating something magical with Improbable. Creating a social VR experience poses new challenges like head tracking on a massive scale, and networked physics so people can realistically interact in a persistent shared space. We are happy to reveal how we will be solving all of these challenges and opening up a new category of entertainment - by collaborating with Improbable, and building on SpatialOS.

MetaWorld is currently in Closed Alpha. HelloVR is planning to release "an early version" of MetaWorld called the "Pioneer Edition" later this year. The Pioneer Edition will contain "outdoor physics simulations including: camping, fishing, farming, archery, hot air balloon flights, road trips, meditation retreats, and more." Creative tools for "building and making in MetaWorld" will be released next year.

At release, MetaWorld will support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR headsets. Despite the VR focus, MetaWorld will also be playable without a VR headset.

You can sign up for a chance at "early access" to MetaWorld on the official website.