WWI Shooter Beyond The Wire Hits Steam Early Access

beyond the wire machine gun bannerThere’s no shortage of World War II games in the market, especially first-person and third-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. World War I, however, has always taken a back seat in games, movies, and even history. In fact, you’d probably be hard-pressed to name one World War I game except for Battlefield 1. Well, here’s another one for you: Beyond the Wire.

Beyond the Wire is a multiplayer shooter that launched into Steam Early Access earlier this week. The game features massive player versus player trench warfare with authentic WWI weapons and a skill-based melee system.

“A tense multiplayer FPS set in the muddy, bloody trenches of WW1. In battles up to 50v50, players will be immersed in cinematic environments that convey the desperate & brutal circumstances of the Great War.”

Beyond the Wire is being developed by Redstone Interactive and published by Offworld Industries, the developer and publisher of Squad, a modern-day multiplayer tactical shooter that’s also available on Steam. The game is expected to remain in Early Access until sometime in 2021 or 2022 and is currently priced at $34.99.

You can watch pre-release gameplay footage of the game in the Early Access trailer below.