Revelation Online Announces Level Cap Increase In September, New Assassin Class Planned For November

revelation online uprising

If you’re one of those power-levelling players then you’ve probably been stuck with the same end-game content in Revelation Online for a while now, eagerly waiting for something new to come along. Well, the wait is finally coming to an end as announces the release of the game’s UpRising update in a recent press release. UpRising will go live [...]

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Domino's and Final Fantasy XIV Team Up in a New Promotion, Offering Pizza and Video Games Together

Sometimes, when I wake up, I can't believe my eyes. I thought the Final Fantasy XIV campaign involving Mrs. Freshley's was odd, but it seems Australia is content to one-up the States with a new campaign involving Domino's Pizza. For $49.95 AUS, people can order 3 Traditional Pizzas, 1 Garlic Bread, a 1.25L Drink, and the Complete Edition of Final Fantasy XIV [...]

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FFXIV announces a 14-Hour Broadcast in celebration of its Four-Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it's been four years already? It seems just like yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV went live with its completely new design, under the tagline of A Realm Reborn! To celebrate four years of gameplay across two expansions (three if you count the base game succeeding the failure of FFXIV 1.0), Square Enix has announced its second 14-hour livestream celebration! [...]

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Enmasse hosts TERA/Kritika Online Mount Event, Mounts in TERA for leveling in Kritika

Companies with multiple games often offer incentives for their players to try out different games. Blizzard does this often between Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch, and Nexon used to have various events between Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus, many, many years ago. Back when dinosaurs walked the Earth and I hadn't thrown out my spine. The ramblings of my [...]

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