Path of Exile Update 2.6 Rolls Out Tomorrow

Path of Exile Patch 2.6 goes live tomorrow, and with it comes the Legacy Challenge League. The Legacy Challenge Leauge allows players to experience past leagues at a higher difficulty while also getting the chance to acquire the unique items that come with them. Apart from the Legacy Challenge, Patch 2.6 will also feature a Solo Self-Found Mode where trading [...]

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The Aion 5.3 Update Is Just Around The Corner

Aion is getting loads of new stuff when Update 5.3 rolls out on March 8th. The update comes with two new queues for Archdaevas: Dredgion Defense and Arena of Tenacity. Dredgion Defense will have up to 384 players going up against a massive Dredgion invasion to protect their faction’s capital city while Arena of Tenacity is a tournament-style arena where [...]

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MMO Documentaries: Watch "Web Junkies"

Last night I found myself enthralled by a documentary called Web Junkies, which explores what is essentially a boot camp for Chinese teenagers diagnosed with Internet Addiction. So I'm sharing it with you, and you can watch it for yourself below. The BBC documentary presents itself much like "Jesus Camp"—if you've seen that one—in that there is no narrator. The camera [...]

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