Moonrise Cancelled by Undead Labs

Undead Labs Founder Jeff Strain announced the cancellation of the Pokemon-esque game Moonrise. In a blog post on Undead Labs' website Strain wrote:

What we’ve found is that while some people really love Moonrise, there were unfortunately many more people who played the game and then moved on after a few days. For a standalone, offline game that might be fine; but for an online game with significant server hosting costs and an expectation for ongoing development and new content, it can mean a game that not only doesn’t pay for it’s development costs, but might even cost money to operate.

Moonrise will not be seeing a commercial release, and will rest silently on a shelf until some possible future day when the project is revitalized.

Due to the game's impending closure a new patch will be released including new Solari, new dungeons, experience boosts, increased drop rates, and more. You can read the full patch notes on the Undead Labs forums.

The Moonrise servers will continue to run until December 31, 2015. After which they will be shut down for good.

Strain's full letter disclosing the news can be read on the Undead Labs website.