Naraka: Bladepoint Adds A Massive New Map And New Mechanics In August

naraka bladepoint battle royale game holoroth plumed castle

Gravity-defying battle royale game Naraka: Bladepoint will be kicking off a new season next month with a massive update that includes a new map and a whole host of new gameplay features.

The new Holoroth map will feature five distinct areas: Plumed Castle, Salvation Podium, Mehtaab, Emyreal Village, and the City of Tang. The first two areas will come unlocked when the new map goes live, while the remaining three can be unlocked as stretch goals based on the number of people who’ve visited the Holoroth teaser site.


The new map will also feature new systems and mechanics such as dynamic weather, cold weather mechanics, interactive objects, and aerial combat. Players will be able to interact with falling rocks and vines, build a campfire to warm up while traversing the snow-covered areas surrounding the Empyreal Village, scale the impregnable walls of the City of Tang, and leap across deep chasms and floating boulders while engaged in aerial combat in and around the Plumed Castle.

The video below showcases the new map and highlights some of the new mechanics coming to the game when the update lands on August 19th.

"Intersection" - New Map: HOLOROTH Cinematic | NARAKA: BLADEPOINT