NetEase Games’ New 3vs3 MOBA Storm Arena Now In Open Beta

storm arena backgroundLooking for a new MOBA to pass the time? You might want to check out NetEase’s new beach-themed 3v3 MOBA Storm Arena. The new MOBA is now in open beta for Android and iOS devices in Canada and on Android in Mexico and Brazil with global release set to happen soon. In traditional Netease fashion, Storm Arena is a complete knockoff of Brawlstars, the super successful game from Supercell.

“Surf, swim and float your way to victory with cute, cartoony characters such as Dashley the Duck and the evil Dr. William as they battle for victory in four different aquatic battle arenas and various battle modes.

Join either the villains led by Dr. William who seek to exploit natural resources for profit, or Dashley the Duck and his marine friends who are trying to protect the environment in this competitive MOBA mobile game.”

Storm Arena promises fast-paced “bite-sized” battles with 12 different characters, four game modes, and cute cartoony graphics. Given that Storm Arena is a knockoff of Brawlstars and one of the first knockoffs to hit the market, I suspect it'll do well.

Check out the official trailer below to see the gameplay: