New World Opens More Fresh Start Servers As Concurrency Numbers Hit Over 119K

new world fantasy mmorpg brimstone sands greatsword

Just when everyone thought that New World was dying, Amazon goes ahead and releases a new expansion that’s had tens of thousands of players scrambling to get back in the game. The opening of fresh start servers yesterday only served to bolster the population even more.

By the latest count, the 17th century colonial MMORPG peaked at over 119,000 concurrent players the day the new servers opened up. It’s a far cry from the 900k or so players that jumped in when the game first launched in September 2021 but it’s definitely a big improvement over the 22k peak daily concurrency that it logged back in June.

The population surge, however, has had the unfortunate side effect of extremely long queues, overcrowding, and in some cases, locked servers. This has prompted Amazon to open up new fresh start servers, bringing the number of initial fresh start servers up from 14 to 33 and the game’s total server count to 77.

The player count is expected to go up this weekend so plan your trips to Aeternum with your buddies accordingly. New World is also on sale at 50% off until November 9th on Steam if you’ve been meaning to purchase the game.

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