New World Character Creation Disabled Due To Undisclosed Issues, Servers Down For Maintenance

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Amazon Game Studios has disabled character creation on all New World regions and servers due to unknown reasons.

Earlier speculation pointed to the studio’s efforts to control botting, RMT, and multiple account exploits that have been a massive thorn on their side since the 17th century survival MMORPG launched last September. A more recent tweet, however, points to an actual issue that Amazon is now trying to address.

Over the past few weeks, the team has continued to make significant changes to the game to combat exploits, including shifting the bulk of new-player rewards towards the end of the main questline, disabling server transfers for new characters, and preventing new players from using the free transfer tokens that they gave out to address overpopulation and server imbalances.

As of this writing, the servers have been down for over two hours while the team works on a fix. We’ll update this article as soon as we hear more from them.