New World Continues to Lose Players With No Sign of Stabilization

When Amazon Games launched New World in October it shocked the gaming world with its huge numbers. The game averaged over 410,000 concurrent players on Steam and hit a peak concurrent playerbase of 913,027. These numbers are absolutely staggering. It was the biggest MMO launch since World of Warcraft. Players didn't stick around though; the game averaged 155K players in November, 83K in December, and 76K in the last 30 days.

New World was a lot of hype with little substance. Worse yet, it was full of exploits which destroyed the game's economy. And while most of the launch issues have since been fixed, the game continues to lose players with no sign of stabilization with the game averaging less and less average players every month.

Source: Steam Charts

While ~75,000 concurrent players is still impressive, the problem for New World is that these numbers are still declining. On January 2, 2022 the game hit a peak of 117K players online for the day and nowadays New World can't break 100K and continues to trend down.

Time will tell if New World's playerbase will eventually stabilize. Amazon definitely isn't giving up as they're quick to release new updates and fix bugs. I'm rooting for New World's success and if the game can hold even half of its current concurrent average, it'll still be one of the biggest PC MMORPGs on the market.

Update: New World released their newest Dev Update video. Check it out below:

New World: Dev Update - January 2022