New World’s PTR Leaderboard Test Was An Epic Fail, ‘WELP’ Says The Devs

new world legends silver army banner

The whole purpose of testing changes or a new feature is to discover any issues before they’re rolled out. Usually, this happens during or after the test but not before testing has even started, which is exactly what happened during the testing of New World’s upcoming leaderboard system yesterday.

To test the new leaderboard, Amazon invited players to a war event on the public test realm which ended prematurely due to an oversight on the developers’ part. For context, Wars pit two teams of 50 players against each other with one team assuming the role of attacker and the other team as the defender. There are, however, restrictions on how many company members and mercenaries a team can have depending on whether they’re the attacker or the defender.

Defenders can only recruit up to 10 mercenary players and will need to fill up the remaining slots with company members. Attackers, on the other hand, need 25 mercenaries and 25 company members. Unfortunately, the low population on the PTR coupled with the said restrictions resulted in a 25 vs 10 war, to which the developers responded with “WELP”.

The developers proceeded to cancel the test citing backend issues and making excuses that the war auto-finished. As expected, they’re now getting flak from the community and there have been suggestions to make “WELP” the free title that will be given out to testers for their participation, which actually isn’t a bad idea.

We’ll let you know as soon as Amazon Game Studio recovers from the embarrassment enough to announce a new schedule for the PTR war.