Nexon Announces 'PC Quality' Mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Nexon announced a brand new mobile MMORPG coming to the Western market later in 2019 titled AxE: Alliance vs Empire. The game bills itself as a 'PC & console quality MMO experience', which if true, sounds exciting. The game promises 75 vs 75 competitive PvP battles, cooperative raids, and most importantly, a massive persistent open world. The game will be launching sometime later this year with 6 playable classes

“AxE has been created from the ground up to bring a PC and console quality MMO and open-world gameplay experience for gamers around the world,” said Tommy Lee, General Manager of NEXON M. “We’re excited to bring this incredibly deep universe and its fast and fun social gameplay that has already been enjoyed by millions in Korea and Japan to the rest of the world soon this year.”

While the game's official announcement trailer shows off no gameplay, AxE: Alliance vs Empire has been available in South Korea for some time, so there's numerous gameplay videos on Youtube. Time will tell if AxE proves successful. I'm skeptical about the "PC & console quality" claim, but I'll certainly give this one a try once it launches.

Official announcement trailer (No gameplay)

Gameplay Video (KR Version)