Nexon Korea Soft-Launch Preta In Select Territories

Nexon Korea announced the soft-launch of their latest title, an action RPG called Preta, in a press release sent out today. The countries the title has soft-launched in are Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and Thailand. It is currently available only on Android via the Google Play Store.pretasmall

Preta is an action RPG with a focus on fast-paced, combo-scoring action. The game features the ability to customize your playstyle, including the ability to choose between three different weapon classes: sword, chain, and wand. A Raid Mode allows players to take on "towering bosses" while a "Defense Mode" tasks players with defending their tower against "waves of enemies." According to the game's director SeungHee Doo, the game started out as "an experimental mobile title, out of Nexon Korea’s internal studio" before becoming what it is today.

The release date for the game outside of the select territories listed above is unknown at this time.