Nuclear Winter Battle Royale Will Remain Live Past The Fallout 76 Free Trial Week

fallout 76 nuclear winter mushroom cloudEarlier this week, Bethesda Game Studios gave Fallout 76 a “pre-beta sneak peek” at the upcoming Nuclear Winter Battle Royale game mode coinciding with the game’s Free Trial Week. Unsurprisingly, the new game mode proved to be immensely popular with players both old and new. Which is why, Bethesda has opted to keep Nuclear Winter in the game for now.

“We’ve been blown away by the reactions and responses we’ve been seeing all week to Nuclear Winter. It has been so amazing to read all your experiences and see everything you’ve been sharing. There are so many incredible up-and-coming Overseers! Vault 51 is lucky.

With all the excitement and popularity, we wanted to let you know that the pre-beta sneak peek of Nuclear Winter will remain on and continue to receive updates, so keep sharing your feedback. There’s more to come! Thank you again for playing, sharing, and being the best community there is.”

Nuclear Winter is a 52-player last-man-standing mode was first announced in Fallout 76’ 2019 Roadmap last February and the details revealed at Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase.

“The battle for the role of Vault 51’s Overseer has begun. In Nuclear Winter, you’ll take part in a 52-player fight to the death. Rank up, unlock new and exclusive Perks, deploy a C.A.M.P. and even launch nukes. As the ring of fire closes in, will you be the last one standing?”

You can watch the Nuclear Winter developer vlog below if you haven’t done so already. Also, keep an eye out for the Double XP event happening next week. You can also head over to the Fallout 76 official site to learn more.