Nutaku Launches New All-Ages Gaming Portal Featuring Kanpani Girls


Nutaku has become known as "that site that is localizing all of the Japanese 18+ browser games" through their .net portal. Having launched earlier this year, they have localized the ever-popular Lord of Valkyrie and Millennium War Aigis, among others. Being primarily focused on DMM titles, many have been asking them to localize Kantai Collection—the permadeath ship girl autobattler that has gained popularity outside of Japan despite region locking—and they've expressed interest, albeit with a note that DMM would like to see how other titles do first.

Unfortunately, I am not here to tell you that Kantai Collection has been localized. Instead, Nutaku have opened up an all-ages companion to their 18+ portal. Launched today, the site currently features English versions of Kanpani Girls—a mercenary company management game—and the all-ages version of the card game Angelic Saga. Kanpani Girls boasts over 1 million active monthly users in Japan and is available in English for the first time today. These titles will be accompanied by more of "the world's most immersive web and mobile games" in the near future.

For more information, or to start playing, head to The .com address is the one you want for the all-ages portal.