Overwatch: Roadhog Is Getting A Little Nerfed


The Overwatch forums are abuzz with the announcement that Roadhog is getting a bit of nerf in the next patch, coming soon to the PTR. His hooks will no longer be able to disobey reality.

First up, player's snagged by Roadhog's hook will always be dragged directly in front of Roadhog, so Roadhog players can't pirouette next to a cliff and drop Symmetra off Route 66. I'm going to miss that.

Next, whether or not a hook is successful will be checked from Roadhog's position: no more wall clipping. If Roadhog can't see his victim then his hook can't either.

The last change is hooks will have a persistent line-of-sigh check for Roadhog. If a player manages to dodge the hook at the last second then the hook fails and returns to Roadhog. Actually being able to dodge hooks? It's a revolution.

These changes are to the despair of every Roadhog player, but ought to make him far easier to negotiate as any other character. If the changes make him too weak we'll see him buffed in some other ways.

In other Overwatch news, don't forget the Oasis map launched yesterday.

  • Zariarn

    So it begins.....typical nerf and buff blizzard.