Path Of Exile Patches In DX12 Beta Version And More Controller Support Features

path of exile atlas world boss

Grinding Gear Games has rolled out a beta version of their new DirectX 12 renderer in Path of Exile’s latest patch. Players who want to try out the new renderer can opt-in to the beta test by manually changing their preferred renderer through the graphics settings menu. The Vulkan renderer is also officially live and out of beta for those who want to go that route.

In addition to new renderers, Update 3.17.4 also adds more keybind options and functionality for controllers which is also currently in beta testing. The update also introduces the ability to stack up to 5,000 scouting reports as well as improvements to the Celestial Frost Bomb effect in the cash shop.

The full patch notes are available on the Path of Exile official forums for your reading pleasure. Grinding Gear is also gearing up for next month's Sentinel expansion launch with Twitch Drops featuring the exclusive Rapture Wings. You can check that out right after the break.

Path of Exile: Rapture Wings