Planetside Arena CBT Starts January 30th, Beta Signups Now Open

planetside arena team explosionDaybreak may have pushed back the Planetside Arena Early Access launch to March 26th but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a chance to at least try out the game before the said date. According to the studio, a closed beta test is scheduled for January 30th which will be open to all fans who pre-ordered the game. Of course, you can also sign up for a free CBT slot on the official site.

Daybreak will also be launching the official forums at the same time as the closed beta. “The forums will serve as our main hub for all feedback and gameplay discussion – our Dev and Community teams will be reading and interacting throughout Beta (and beyond), and we can’t stress enough how important your feedback is,” says the devs. “Everything from bug reporting to balance issues to mode suggestions is fair game! With your help, we can identify what we need to improve and adjust to get the game ready for launch.”