Pokémon Duel Brings Tactical Pokémon Battles To Mobile


Nintendo is continuing its trend of establishing itself as a mobile games publisher with today's release, Pokemon Duel. Pokémon Duel offers up turn-based, tactical Pokémon battles in which players assemble a team of six Pokémon and engage in fights on a digital board. Players win matches by being the first to reach the goal on the opponent's side of the board.

Matches are played against opponents in real-time. Players can queue up at any time to be matches "according to skill." Pokémon figures are "earned through Time Boosters that are unlocked with every League victory." Each victory also raises players' ratings; competing in "higher-level leagues" will give them a chance to obtain "different Pokémon figures." Time Boosters can also be purchased with real money.

Pokémon Duel has actually been available in Japan for some time now as "Pokémon Co-Master," but this is the first time that the game is being made available in the West. Those that are interested can download it now via either the App Store or Google Play.

Battle, Spin, and Win in Pokémon Duel!