Population Zero Talks About World Building In Dev Vlog Number 2

population zero world building screenEnplex Games Studio have just published a new developer video to give fans something to do as they patiently wait for the Population Zero Alpha Test this weekend. Part 2 of the ongoing series of dev vlogs talks about World Building and gives fans a glimpse of the process that goes into creating the game’s massive sandbox world. “No object on the map is placed randomly,” says lead designer Vladimir Grisyuk. “Game-designers always consider how a player would move through the world.”

Enplex will also be rolling out a new update at the end of this weekend’s Alpha playtest. Version 05.03 will feature a new jungle biome, tutorial quests, tons of new technologies and perks, along with changes to how mobs fight.

“In-game creatures will receive significant changes. They now interact, fight, hunt and form packs or herds. Players can distract the chasing predator with other valuable prey. Alien creatures are now able to call for help or draw attention.”

If you’re looking to get into the Alpha test this weekend, Enplex is still giving away Alpha invites. Simply sign-up on the Population Zero official site or purchase a Founder’s pack to get guaranteed access to the Alpha and Beta tests.

You’ll find Part 2 of the developer video diary series below. Oh, and the entire thing is in Russian so don’t forget to turn the subtitles on.