Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based Skirmish Game ‘Dreadlands’ Starts Beta Testing, Signups Still Open

dreadlands logo keyart bannerDreadlands, an online post-apocalyptic turn-based battle game from Swedish indie developer Blackfox Studios, is now in Beta testing. Players who signed-up to participate can now login to the game. Signups are still open for anyone who wants to try out the game, and of course, help the developers.

“Dreadlands is a turn-based skirmish game set in a living post-apocalyptic shared world. Explore Dreadlands by travelling across its many regions with your misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries. The game is set in a Shared World where players frequently encounter and interact with each other. Sometimes they cooperate, other times they pick fights in bloody PvP battles.”

Players will be able to choose from two gang factions and experience 15 campaign chapters across 11 zones with 19 unique settlements to discover. The game’s beta launch also marks the start of the game’s first PvP season.

“We are extremely excited to roll out the Beta and we can't wait to see people take their first fledgling steps in the weird and wondrous world of Dreadlands,” says Blackfox Studios Founder and Creative Director Peter Nilsson.