Pre-Registrations Are Now Open For The New Mobile Strategy Game TERA: Endless War

tera endless war pink bunny ears bannerTERA is headed to mobile devices with a new reimagining called TERA: Endless War, a mobile strategy game developed by NDream and published by Korean game company JoyCity. The Unreal Engine 4-powered game features strategic battles on hexagon tile maps with heroes based on the popular fantasy MMORPG.

“Players take on the role of a hero, hellbent on expanding the breadth of the dominion, shape up an army to thwart a massive onslaught, and protect Arborea from the malevolent despot Argon’s invasion. The playable character roster will feature popular, iconic heroes from the original game.”

The game offers cooperative PvE modes including Archdevan Suppression, Argon Camp Sweep, Dreamstorm dungeons, and more. Players can also participate in massive real-time PvP battles such as City Siege, Guild Warfare, and Guild Rally Attack.

TERA: Endless War is scheduled to launch globally in November on Android and iOS devices in over 170 countries. Pre-registration is now open on the official site and on Google Play and the App Store. Players who pre-register on the official site will receive 5 Premium Summoning Cubes, 2000 Crystals, and 300 Stamina. Those who pre-register through Google Play and the App Store will also get an additional 10 Normal Summoning Cubes, 100,000 Gold, and 20,000 AP.

Don’t forget to check out the pair of trailers below for a taste of what the game has to offer.